• Historical Retrospective

    The city of Pafos has a remarkable history which is traced 2,300 years back. Throughout those years the city has built a rare cultural heritage and it has gained a significant place in the Cyprus history and the culture.

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  • Our logo

    The logo of Pafos’ candidacy was designed in such a way so as to be interpreted in many and different ways. First of all, it represents the sun that under its light the island of Cyprus prospers.

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  • The modern face of the town

    Currently, Pafos has a remarkable cultural activity which is mainly coordinated by the Municipality of Pafos. This activity covers a wide spectrum of subjects and events such as the Pafos Flower Festival, the celebrations of Monday of the Holy Spirit, the Pafos Carnival, the Summer Cultural Window

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  • Open Air Factory

    Pafos can deservedly respond to this ambitious project and become the most hospitable capital of Europe. It suggests making the best of its open-air sites by turning them into an Open-Air Factory of Culture, since it is aware of the challenge that it will face. If it takes advantage of its archeological sites, its squares, its streets...

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  • Pafos2017 Events

    Stay updated with the latest events

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Call for volunteers

The Pafos2017 Community Involvement Programme of the Open Air Factory steps out onto the streets and squares of Pafos and asks you: do you dance, sing or paint?
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Pafos2017 Bid Book

See, read and download the documents submitted.
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Call for volunteers

Volunteers Application.

  • Upcoming events

  • January

    28jan20:30- 01:00‘MUSICAL CLOCK - YESTERDAY AND TODAY’20:30 Markideio Municipal Theatre
    31jan19:55- 01:00‘THE HOFFMANN TALES MET: Live in HD’19:55 Cineplex


    7feb11:00- 01:00ART in ACTION > CALLING ALL ARTISTS’11:00 Starbucks
    14feb19:55- 01:00‘ΥOLANTA & BLUEBEARD ΜΕΤ: Live in HD’19:55 Cineplex
    14feb20:30- 01:00‘THE MAGIC OF LOVE’20:30 Markideio Municipal Theatre
    16feb - 17feb 1620:00feb 17- 20:00THE DRAMA FILM FESTIVAL TRAVELS’20:00 - 20:00 (17) Centre of art & Literature
    25feb20:00- 01:00‘MERGING SOUNDS with «World Travellers» Yiannis Koutis and Nikolas Tryfonos’20:00 Prometheus Club, Mouttalos Square
    28feb11:00- 01:00‘MERGING SOUNDS with «World Travellers» Yiannis Koutis and Nikolas Tryfonos’11:00 The houlou water way