Οpen Call for Participation to the Project

The Organisation European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 and its partner Walk the Plank (UK outdoor arts experts) are looking for Cypriot artistic collaborators to help create “Eternal Voyages” a large-scale piece of outdoor theatre, presented on and around Pafos castle and Harbour as part of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 programme on 1st July 2017.

Pafos has been visited by many different travellers throughout history. Many travellers have passed through and many have fallen for the charms of Aphrodite’s home in the soft sea-foam and stayed. Like many of the Mediterranean islands it’s been a place of shelter, of stories, and a strategic location. It’s both a place of connection and of friction…from the Greek civilisation to the Ottoman Empire, between Europe and the mid- dle East, between Turkey and Greece.
The castle takes centre stage, illustrating the stories of the 3 travellers from the ancient years until the present day, through projections and high quality digital animation and mapping. This will be accompanied by heightened dramatic moments of performance including poetical text and song; both in English and Greek, dance, mass choreography, processional performance, acrobatics, a water spectacle, dynamic lighting and sound design accompanied by an original musical score and sumptuous special effects including a pyrotechnic finale.
The outline of the show is that 3 travellers, one by land, one by sea and one by air converge on the castle, where their stories unfold.

The call is looking for below positions:
1. Composer/Musical Director
3. Writer


1. Composer/Musical Director
The approach and arrival of each archetypical character / traveler to the castle will each be marked by an original composition.

The overall show will be around 1.5 hours in duration with the arrival of travellers and the finale of the piece itself lasting around 15 minutes each. The finale composition will gradually represent a positive outcome and will end with a celebratory feel.

Each composition will include narration and heightened dramatic moments, designed with various perfor- mance elements in mind. Dance and movement, projected film/video/animation and building mapping, spec- tacular aerial work, fire drawings and a pyrotechnic display. All this will be combined with additional elements of community celebration which will create an event that resonates with local people and touches the wider international audience.

The Composer/Musical Director will need to work across different musical genres to build a score that en- gages, delights and surprises its audience. We might want you to combine traditional instruments with con- temporary rhythms creating something both familiar and different.

The Composer/MD will have experience of writing music for theatre/opera or film; and previous experience of creating music for outdoor events, or large scale celebrations, would be desirable and you will need to enjoy a collaborative creative process where you will be required to write music to suit the needs of the storyboard, the artistic directors, the film/video maker and the choreographer.
Completion of first draft would need to be ready towards the end of March 2017 with the final edit completed by April 2017.
The timescale is crucial as so many different elements of the show cannot be developed until all compositions have been completed. With that in mind, availability from the beginning of March to work with the Artis- tic Director and creative team is essential.

As Choreographer you will work with the Artistic Director on all performance elements and will undertake the following:
1. March 2017 – Develop choreography within the vision of the show, suitable for large scale outdoor performance by a cast of professional and non-professional dancers, performers and community participation.
2. April 2017 – Lead on several open workshops which build the confidence of non professional performers in new ways of working including new movement styles and confidence in working in a large outdoor space with costumes and props – from these Open Workshops, as choreographer you will recruit dancers and performers, then integrate them into the mix with professional performers, in order to create one ensemble.
3. June 2017 – Work in rehearsals with performers and dancers, including during production week leading up to to the show on 1st July 2017.
You will work with music created by the Composer/Musical Director who will be combining different musical genres to build a score that mixes song, traditional music, contemporary classical music and both original and found music. You will also work with an experienced stage designer who will design costume and props (not available for rehearsal until production week) and a visual/digital artist who will be creating the projection content.

Together, we want to fuse forms and mix up movement and sound and visual image to create something both familiar and different…striking, stylistically coherent and beautiful.

3. Writer
As the writer you will develop the following archetypical characters, narrative and dialogue using an existing treatment as a starting point.
1. Land traveller – A parallel story of Alexander the Great and a Cypriot king. One of mutual interests, with the desire to increase the capacity of his fleet with the use of the Kings own fleet for his campaign into India and the Cypriot Kings aim of achieving political independence in return.
2. Sea Traveller – A modern day pirate / trafficker seeking food and wine in exchange for ill gotten goods. This is forbidden by order of the King. Offended, the reckless traveler, who’s characteristics are likened to that of Dionysus orders an assault on the castle.

3. Air Traveller – An acrobat is suspended arrives to pacify proceedings. She is likened to The Greek Goddess Athena, Daughter of sky and thunder god Zeus. Athena relies on strategy and morality rather than bloodshed, and as a goddess of wisdom she stressed diplomacy, justice, education, arts and crafts.
Completion of first draft would need to be ready for the end of March 2017 with the final edit
completed by April 2017.
The timescale is crucial as so many different elements of the show cannot be developed until all
compositions have been completed. With that in mind, availability from the end of January to
work with the Artistic Directors and creative team is essential.

To be discussed

17.00 GMT, Wednesday 1st March 2017

If you are interested in applying for this role, please send cv and letter of interest to: &
Tel: +357 2693 2017, +44 (0)161 736 8964


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