“Cine-Attikon” screenings programme continues with Austrian films in the presence of the world famous actor and film director Karl Markovics

16 & 17 June 2017, Open Air Attikon, 20:30

 The programme “Cine Attikon” includes films from European cinema, bringing to light creators and films that have distinguished in international festivas with the support of Embassies and Foreign Delegations in Cyprus, sponsored by McDonald’s. This weekend, the Pafos2017 Organisation presents films “Atmen” and “Superwelt” in cooperation with the Austrian Embassy. The two films are a tribute to the Austrian actor, scriptwriter and director Karl Karkovics who will be present at both screenings and to give a small talk converse with the public at a Q&A Session following the screenings.



Karl Markovics (1963) is most probably the most famous actor in Austria, he has played and had the leading role in many feature and TV films. Many of us would remember him from the ‘90s TV- series “Inspector Rex” and “Stockinger”. His career took-off internationally as he held the leading role in the Oscar winning movie as Best Foreign Language Film by Stefan Ruzowitzky “The Counterfeiters” (2007). Since then, he has played in numerous international and European films, some of which: “Unknown Identity” (2011), “Eastalgia“ (2012), Süskind (2012), „Die Vermessung der Welt“, „ The Grand Budapest Hotel“ (2014), „ Me and Kaminski“ (2015) “The King’s Choice“ (2016) and others. Markovics was also president of the Austrian Film Academy (Akademie des österreichischen Films). In 2011 he has showed for the first time his great capacity as scriptwriter and director with his multi-awarded film “Atmen” and later in 2015 “Superwelt”, which established him as an acclaimed filmmaker in the European film industry.


16.06.2017 |  20:30
Atmen / Breathing / Αναπνοή (Αustria | 2011 | 90’)
Language: German with English and Greek subtitles

Karl Markovics was awarded for his debut “Atmen” as a scriptwriter and director at the famous Directors’ Fortnight at the 64th Cannes Festival 2011. The film received 26 international awards including the Austrian Film Award 2012 in six categories. ATMEN is an eloquent, affecting portrait of an incarcerated teenager, Roman Kogler (19),   attempting to win parole by working at a local morgue. Raised from birth in institutions, he is initially impassive and self-sabotaging in his behaviour; soon, though, he begins to respect the solemn work of handling the dead, which will be catalytic in finding his way back to life.
Screenplay / direction: Karl Markovics
Starring: Thomas Schubert, Georg Friedrich, Gerhard Liebmann, Karin Lischka.
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17.06.2017 |  20:30
Superwelt / Super World  (Austria | 2015 | 90’)
Language: German with English and Greek subtitles

This awarded film took part in numerous film festivals and its two main actors Ulrike Beimpold and Nikolai Gemel have received the award of Best Actor by the Austrian Film Academy 2016.Married supermarket workers Gabi Kovanda’s lower middle class life revolves around her family and her job. Until, after work one day, everything changes. Suddenly, there’s someone new in her life, someone with whom she had already been casually acquainted: God! SUPERWORLD is a story about God and the world: a world whose heroine works the till and a God we never see nor hear, but whose presence we feel throughout the film. Lead actress Ulrike Beimpold delivers a remarkable, moving performance as a woman under divine influence, a woman in crisis who sends shock waves through her whole family. While director Karl Markovics consistently works in a realistic mode, his narrative approach is often operatic, with elaborate bird’s eye shots and strikingly composed images of biblical proportions that make God’s presence manifest. Until, that is, the twilight of the gods descends and the heavens come crashing down on the plot. All good things come from above, after all. SUPERWORLD is like a small miracle. A super good one.

Scriptwriter/director: Karl Markovics
Starring: Ulrike Beimpold, Nikolai Gemel, Simon Jaritz and others.


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