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May 2017

Fawaz Baker Ensemble & Flamenco Roots

20:00 — 21:50

Fawaz Baker Ensemble  | 20:00 – 20:50 Aleppo has been an emblematic point of reference and a crossroads for musical traditions, idioms and elements from the Byzantium, the Arabs, the Persians, the Armenians and the Ottoman Turks. The musicians of the Fawaz Baker Ensemble, thanks to their talent and knowledge, have managed to stand out in the special cultural environment of Aleppo and to form a repertoire that includes a wide range of compositions from the mystical tradition of the…


20:00 — 21:00

The history of humanity is a long and painful series of exiles. Nowadays, the multimode condition of exile seems more timely than ever, in its physical, mental and spiritual dimension. Kyriakos Kalaitzides, composer and artistic director of the ensemble “En Chordais” is one of the most important researchers in the area of musical traditions of the Mediterranean. Coming from a family of refugees from the Pontus and Cappadocia, he has dealt with the issue of exile in depth, in an…


08:30 — 17:00

Inauguration: Monday 29 May 2017 19:00 Duration: 29 May – 21 August 2017 Operating Hours: 08:30-17:00 Visitors Area / Archaeological Park / Kato Pafos An exhibition that shows that… “Music is the ‘sound’ evidence of the common roots of European cultures”. Music can reveal facts about ancient civilizations, since it has created a network of relationships and points of contact among us long before we became aware of our common identity in Europe. The exhibition, which includes multimedia features and interactive…

June 2017

Vladimir & Vovka Ashkenazy: on 2 pianos

20:30 — 21:45

A recital for 2 pianos with Vladimir Ashkenazy and his son, Vovka. He is probably the most important maestro and pianist in the world, a living legend who has reached the top of the international scene, where he remains for more than six consecutive decades. Vladimir and Vovka Ashkenazy have begun an interesting tour with concerts for two pianos all over the world and of course Pafos could not be absent from this tour. The artists will perform major works…

Aphrodite’s gardens

20:30 — 22:00

Narrative, movement and thematic images enrich the music of Akamas Duo and invite the audience to an audiovisual tour of ‘Aphrodite Gardens’, reviving the stories, images and scents of the goddess’s birthplace, in the imagination of the audience. Traditional songs alternate with music that highlight mythology and, along with the melodies of Astor Piazzola and Jules Massenet, they create a magnificent spectacle. Nikolas Kyriakou and Iasonas Keramides are responsible for the music, enorchestrations and singing. Directed by Minas Tingilis, scenography…

Archaeomusica – concert

18:00 — 21:00

Archaeological Park Entrance In the context of the exhibition-journey into the world of ancient musical instruments, that includes multimedia and interactive installations using 3D technology, concerts of traditional Cypriot and of Asia Minor music are organised, as well as dances from the Ayioi Omoloyites Cultural Workshop (18:00-19:15). Also, Ethnic Jazz and Progressive Rock music by the Italian group Dissoi Logoi (19:30-21:00). Organised by the European Music Archaeological Project (EMAP), with the cooperation of the Antiquities Department. Free entrance

Τhe Mountain and the Τree

20:30 — 22:00

Open Air Attikon Musicians Murat Aydemir (tambour) and Christos Barbas (ney), from Turkey and Greece respectively, bring to light a common musical tradition that unites the two peoples through the ages, by presenting their new album “The Mountain and the Tree”. The canvas of the past is enriched with touches of new elements and contemporary musical compositions, adding charm to this endeavour and reviving in essence the common musical roots of the two countries. With the participation of the master of the…

Choir Meetings

20:30 — 23:30

Voice ensembles and choruses from all over Cyprus participate in this music meeting. The Pancyprian Choral Festival is organised for 28 years by the Pafos Municipality. The Choral Festival is curated by Sotiris Karagiorgis (composer and conductor). Free entrance

Voices of the World at Sinti Monastery

20:30 — 23:30

The Voices of the World travel to the silent, yet gifted with the highest supremacy of the silence monastery of Sintis, the one that along with the prayers and devoutness of the faithful, hosts images, sounds and memories of a past life. Theodosia Roussou and her musicians breath new life into the deserted landscape, singing in a special way songs from Cyprus, Greece and other countries of the Mediterranean and Europe, but also Mexico and the United States, in seven…

The Bridge of Music

20:30 — 22:00

In line with the emblematic motto of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017 “Linking Continents – Bridging Cultures”, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra hosts GreekCypriot and Turkish Cypriot artists and presents a comprehensive programme containing harmony, rhythm and melody as raw materials. Haydn: Overture to the opera L’isola disabitata, Hob. 28/9 Concerto for violin and piano in F major, Hob 18/6 Α. Baltas: 7 Cypriot traditional songs Hoca: Cyprus Capriccio (Kibris Kapricyosu) Soloist: Charis Hatzigeorgiou (violin), Esra Poyrazoğlu Alpan (piano)…

Umut Albayrak

20:30 — 22:00

The unlimited power and the uniting effect of music will rise up again and the meeting of cultures in Mouttalos will go from Cyprus, to the Mediterranean and even further, to the Aegean. Umut Albayrak will bring together modern and traditional music and songs in different languages, performing them in her own unique style. With the belief that music can surpass boundaries and obstacles, she sings for peace, as she tends to do throughout her career. This time in Pafos,…

Yamato taiko Drum Ensemble – Chousousha

21:00 — 22:20

The internationally renowned Drummers of Japan ‘Yamato’ come to Pafos with their new performance “Chousensha – The Challengers”, where they push themselves beyond the limits, with perhaps their most impressive, energetic and explosive appearance to this date. The group was founded in Nara, Japan, in 1993, and tours the world for 6 to 10 months every year, creating and presenting original compositions and shows. Their performances are breathtaking events that attract an ever-increasing audience, over 6 million in 3.000 performances…

July 2017

Bridging Life and Death

20:30 — 23:30

Under the light of the full moon and inspired by the exhibition Life of the Dead organised by Moesgaard Museum and the Society of Cyprus Studies, the project Bridging Life and Death is an unusual tour through the archaeological site of the Tombs of the Kings. Here, the silence of the dead is perceived as the music accompanying life. The tour will be concluded in the third emblematic tomb where Timotheos Stylianides will perform a guitar recital and Maria Andreou…

Cyprus Rhymes of Love

20:30 — 21:45

27 July 2017 – Polemi Village, 20:30 The Travelling Stage takes this performance to three different venues, in spaces that are linked to each other through their historical, archaeological as well as  aesthetic properties. This programme turns poetry of famous Cypriot folk poets into drama, in which joy, the hardships and the passions of love are celebrated. Artistic Director: Chryso Charalambous, Orchestration: Michalis Kouloumis. Performance: Elena Hatziafxenti. Musicians: Michalis Kouloumis, Thodoris Pegeia Ziarkas and Yiannis Koutis. The love songs will…

The truth about Venus

20:30 — 22:30

Dates: 28,29, 30 July, 20:30 – 22:30 The musical The Truth about Venus is an original composition based on interviews with people of Pafos – locals, migrants and visitors. It is an investigation into the beauty which lies in the World (centering around Pafos) which aims at tracing the secret substance of beauty, located in faces, landscapes, animals and everyday activities. Drawing on the work of the theatre company Rimini Protokoll, Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis and the musical London Road by the…

Luz Casal

20:30 — 23:30

Luz Casal, one of the most famous stars of the Spanish music scene, who has released dozens of albums and has sold millions of records, is a true star of the music world transferring her own musical tradition throughout the world successfully and winning awards and prizes such as the famous Goya Award. She has worked with many renowned and important artists, and she is constantly experimenting with new genres. The Travelling Stage hosts the warm and soulful voice of…

Cyprus Rhymes of Love

20:30 — 21:45

30 July 2017, Κallepia Village, 20:30 The Travelling Stage takes this performance in the second venue (Kallepia Village). The main idea is that the places were the concert take place are linked to each other through their historical, archaeological as well as  aesthetic properties. This programme turns poetry of famous Cypriot folk poets into drama, in which joy, the hardships and the passions of love are celebrated. Artistic Director: Chryso Charalambous.Orchestration: Michalis Kouloumis. Performance: Elena Hatziafxenti. Musicians: Michalis Kouloumis, Thodoris Pegeia Ziarkas and…

August 2017

Cyprus Rhymes of Love

2nd August 2017, Pegeia, 20:30  The Travelling Stage takes this performance in the third venue (Pegeia Village). The main idea is that the places were the concert take place are linked to each other through their historical, archaeological as well as  aesthetic properties. This programme turns poetry of famous Cypriot folk poets into drama, in which joy, the hardships and the passions of love are celebrated. Artistic Director: Chryso Charalambous.Orchestration:Michalis Kouloumis. Performance: Elena Hatziafxenti. Musicians: Michalis Kouloumis, Thodoris Pegeia Ziarkas and Yiannis Koutis.…

Music without borders


The famous Acordes Guitar Ensemble (with nine guitars and a contrabass) will present a programme with music written for guitars as well as covers of famous pieces from the broader Mediterranean (Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Spain), Latin America and traditional Cypriot melodies adapted by Evagoras Karageorgis. The music has been selected according to the location and refers to the theme of Eros-Love-Beauty. Other musical instruments will accompany the guitars, and the singer Pavlina Constantopoulou will perform. By Evagoras Karageorgis and…

Second life


Eleftheria Arvanitaki is famous for her unique and beautiful vocal interpretation of ancient and modern Greek poetry by poets such as Sappho, Maria Polydouri, Kostas Karyotakis, Napoleon Lapathiotis, and Odysseas Elytis, to name but a few. Her repertoire comprises Cypriot traditional songs as well. For the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017, Eleftheria Arvanitaki will offer a music performance based on poetry in a location of beauty and love, while her artistic excellence proves once more how each verse can actually…

The Mediterranean meets the balkans


The Amalgamation Project is a musical journey through Mediterranean and Balkan musical traditions. The band will present traditional songs as well as original compositions, with the inclusion of short narrations and poetry recitals. The performance, which celebrates the musicality of human voice, will include polyphonic songs sung a cappella by the female vocal group Amalgamation Choir. The choir uses voice and simple accessories to add surprising and original sound effects to their excellent performance. Vocals, research, compositions: Vasiliki Anastasiou. Guitar,…

Weddings and Funerals – Goran Bregovic


At a place where cultures converge and where Aphrodite rules as the goddess of love and of the dead, world-famous musician and composer Goran Bregovic builds a world of unique sounds and exciting music with his ability to bring contrasting elements together. The sounds of his Orchestra for Weddings and Funerals, highly influenced by the Balkan tradition, are famous for the brass instruments, the traditional Bulgarian polyphonies, the electric guitar, the traditional percussion instruments, the string instruments as well as…

From Mycenae to Pafos

20:30 — 23:30

One of the main aims of the Open Air Factory programme is to highlight spaces inextricably linked to the history of Pafos. One such space is the Museum of Nothing, the Museum of the Mycenaean Colonisation of Cyprus in the archeological site of Maa – Palaiokastro. A music concert by the Cypriot composer Savvas Savva on the Mycenaean settlers from Pafos will take place in the Museum and it will also underline the historical value of this site. With a…

From Odyssey to C. P. Cavafy


The poetry of Cavafy, which carries a sense of nostalgia for a human voice lost, allows Thodoris Economou to approach it musically, shedding light on man’s passions and faults. Drawing on Robert Wilson’s Odyssey, and the home coming journey the music takes us to the myth of Ulysses. Passion and bravery, and the home coming journey are some of the motives which come to life through Economou’s musical language. The terms “Destination” and “Ulysses” function as keywords for Cavafy’s “Ithaca”…

Misia – The Soul of Fado

20:30 — 23:30

Mísia is one of the best performers of fado music, a distinct music genre of Portugal. She was born in Porto in Portugal and belongs to a musical family that goes three generations back. She borrowed her name from Misia Cert, Stéphane Mallarmé’s muse, a friend of Proust and Picasso and model of Toulouse Lautrec and Pierre Bonnard. Taking traditional poems as a starting point and basis of her musical creation, Mísia combines these with new material always in the…

Traditional lullabies

20:30 — 23:30

Trio NeRo is a music group that focuses on the re-definition of lullabies from Cyprus, Greece and Asia Minor through a blend of traditional elements and those of contemporary classical music, funk, rock, jazz, as well as samples of recorded lullabies. Trio NeRo will also present an original song written by composer George Rodosthenous and poet Aphroditi Zacharia-Rodosthenous. Βuy your tickets HERE

Lingua Franca Ensemble

20:30 — 23:30

Musicians from Cyprus, Greece and Germany form the ensemble Lingua Franca that will appear on the Travelling Stage in the summer of 2017 in Pafos. Members of the ensemble carry with them their geographical and musical experiences on a musical quest, during which the traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean meet and create a visual landscape through music. The fresh sound of the tarhu – a fiddle developed only ten years ago – mixes with the intense and brilliant sound of…

Five pianos, Five Days, Five places

00:00 — 23:59

Five pianos will be exhibited for five days at a different location every day. A travelling interactive installation that will amount to a total of 2,017 minutes of music! Pianists, students and the general public will be able to test them and play on them. On the first day the pianos will be exhibited at Pafos Town Hall Square, on the second day they will be in Pegeia, on the third at Geroskipou Square, the fourth at Makarios Avenue and…

September 2017

Piano Street – Five steps into the Future

20:30 — 23:30

The pattern of the five pianos is repeated here in a different version, with the pianos placed along Makarios Avenue and the audience moving from one piano to the next. Five pianists from Pafos and other cities from Cyprus, namely Marianna Georgiou, Pantelitsa Socratous, Andreas Karagiorgis, Maria Avraam and Cleo Papadia give an open concert with pieces written for solo piano in the last 50 years curated by Christina Athinodorou. The pieces will include works by living Cypriot and European…


20:30 — 23:30

Based on the work by Christa Wolf, the opera presents the moment just before Cassandra, defeated by gods and people alike, falls in the hands of the Achaeans. In the little time she has left, Cassandra from Troy tells her story and her sufferings as a child, a lover, a prisoner and a woman. Director Hervé Loichemoi showcases the strength of his heroine, while composer Michael Jarrell dresses the performance with different music genres. Fanny Ardant, who has worked with…


20:30 — 23:30

The inspiration behind this project has been drawn from the Ibrahim’s Khan and its history. It includes musical adaptations, compositions for violin and cello, sound programming, animation screenings, and installations. For this project, the Khan acts as an allegory for the political and social reality and the coexistence between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities it used to represent, and the desire for this state of affairs to return. This audiovisual presentation focuses on the Khan and its transition…

Songs without borders

20:30 — 23:30

Cypriot songwriter and singer Vakia Stavrou is based in Paris and has a significant career in the international music world. Her own compositions as well as the other songs she performs carry the distinct mark of her voice and her musicality. As she sings in many languages, Vakia Stavrou is greatly loved amongst musicians and audiences around the world. She has worked with great musicians such as Carlos Bernardo in Paris who works with the Theatre du Soleil and Toda…

Alkinoos Ioannidis – Karine Polwart – Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra

20:30 — 22:00

The Open Air Factory hosts two artists whose musical journeys are full of lyricism and originality, full of broader social and philosophical connotations. Alkinoos Ioannides shares the stage with Karine Polwart from Scotland bridging Cypriot, Greek and Celtic sounds. The Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra will also take part in the event which resounds the motto “Linking Continents– Bridging Cultures”. Business Partner: Cooperative Central Bank Buy your tickets here

The Khoury Ensemble – From East to West

Three musicians, three brothers, famous for composing and performing original works of contemporary music of the East. The ensemble explores music of the Middle East adding elements from other cultures. These three artists have surpassed the limits and possibilities of their instruments and are considered top musicians of their generation. The Khoury brothers underpin their music in the great tradition and heritage of Arabic oriental music mixing in the contemporary music scene. They combine the oud, flute, qanun and violin…

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