Important announcement for the programme “Mediterranean Musical Traditions”

Due to unexpected flight changes the order of performances has changed as follows: with relevant ticketing information:

*1. The group Orchestra Popolare Italiana will perform on Friday 26th May 2017 at 21:00 instead of Saturday 27th May 2017 as originally announced.
**2. The group Fawaz Baker Ensemble will perform on Saturday 27th May 2017 at 20:00 instead of Friday 26th May 2017 as originally announced.

  1. For those who purchased their tickets already they keep same ticket for either day.
  2. In case anyone wishes to cancel its ticket, is kindly requested to contact Soldouttickets at 70007705 or by email at for its refund.

The European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 presents a programme with Mediterranean musical traditions, comprised of five concerts from Greece, Italy, Israel and Spain.With influences from the musical traditions of the Mediterranean and the common language developed in the surrounding countries, each group presents a unique repertoire inspired by its country of origin.  The programme is curated by Kyriakos Kalaitzides.


Friday 26th May 2017
Κato Vrysi Geroskipou 

Α/ Cypriot Kaleidoscope 20:00
A concert by four promising musicians who represent the original music creation in Cyprus. In this encounter there is a union of the personal ways of approaching music, the influences and idioms that swing between Arab tradition, the Byzantine art of chanting, jazz and Soufi traditions, thus colouring, with sensitivity and musicality, original and traditional compositions which follow one another in complete balance.
Participating artists: Yiannis Koutis (artistic direction, oud, fretless guitar), Alkis Agathokleous (ney), Nicolas Tryfonos (contrabass), Rodos Panagiotou (percussion).

B/ Orchestra Popolare Italiana Ambrogio Sparagna, 21:00*
The orchestra which consists of musicians and musical instruments typical of Italian folk tradition, offers the public a thrilling evening of singing and dancing, a performance with cantata and dances belonging to several regions of the peninsula, with special emphasis in the tarantellas and Pizziche of Apulia. Ambrogio Sparagna conducts the orchestra, creating an atmosphere of a joyous Italian fiesta. A music festivity, a mixture of fascination and energy that lifts and excites with enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

Participating artists: Ambrogio Sparagna (accordion, vocals), Erasmo Treglia (violin, idiophones), Valentina Ferraiuolo (percussion), Raffaello Simeone (flutes, vocals), Clara Graziano (accordion, dance).

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Tickets 10€ for both concerts


Saturday 27th May 2017
Κato Vrysi Geroskipou

A/ Fawaz Baker  Ensemble, 20:00**
The Fawaz Baker Ensemble is the latest project by Fawaz Baker, an oud player, singer, scholar, composer and tireless ambassador of his native city’s musical heritage. Aleppo, Syria, was renowned all over the Arab world and beyond for its unique musical repertoire, marked by a extraordinary diversity of influences.
Participating artists: Fawaz Baker (oud), Joudi Batri (vocals), Mohamed Samir  (kanun, ney), Sameh Qatalan (violin), Samir Al-Houmsi (toumperleki, vocals) and Muhanad Aljaramani (riq, vocals).

Β/ Flamenco Roots, 21:00
Percussionist and composer Sergio Martinez presents a night of flamenco, inspired by the thousand-year-old Andalusian tradition which combines music and dance. Four of the most significant artists of the genre, join forces in a performance of sensitivity, emotional intensity, mastery, exaltation of passion and extraordinary energy. The musicians combine some of the most ancient elements of Mediterranean music and dance expression with more modern forms of performance and composition.
Participating artists: Paco Cruz (guitar), Niko de los Reyes (dance), Campos Muñoz (vocals), Sergio Martínez (percussion/artistic direction).
Tickets: 10 € for both concerts
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Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 21.51.25

Sunday 28th May 2017, 20:00
Κato Vrysi Geroskipou
“Exile” as an artistic project is an attractive blending of the East and the West, with a very special musicality as a common denominator. It’s a concert full of the emotions of separation, love, anticipation and hope, for those who have lived or are living as exiles in a foreign place, or in their own place, on account of an idea, a belief.
Kyriakos Kalaitzidis, composer, oud master, artistic director of En Chordais and one of the most important musicians and scholars in the field of Mediterranean music, was born into a family of exiles. His life experience and his musical research led him to deal with the theme of exile.
**With the participation of the Comandaria Orchestra, conducted by Francis Guy.

Participating artists: Kyriakos Petras (violin), Kyriakos Kalaitzides (oud, vocals), Drosos Koutsokostas (vocals, lute), Alkis Zopoglou (kanun), Petros Papageorgiou (toumberleki, bendir), Giorgos Kokkinakis (piano), Leonidas Palaskas (sound engineering).

Tickets: 10€
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