Open Call for the musical

Within the frame of the programme of events of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017, the creative team of the new verbatim musical THE TRUTH ABOUT VENUS, Dr George Rodosthenous (Director) and Dr Demetris Zavros (Composer) would like to invite people whose “life stories” (autobiographical accounts) connect to Pafos, to share their personal narratives, experiences and thoughts related to “the love of beauty” and the “beauty of love”.

Mythology says that Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born in Pafos: how does this influence your perception of place/Pafos? If this makes Pafos the birthplace of beauty, how does this come into your story?

• How did you perceive beauty in this experience?
• What does beauty mean for you today? What does Aphrodite (Venus) mean to you today?
• Does beauty have an inter/trans-cultural power to move human beings?
• Do you see anything universal and non-cultural specific in beauty?
• Is beauty a prerequisite for love?
• How is beauty related to truth?
• What sacrifices have you done for love and beauty?
• Can/should we try to re-create a moment of beauty?
• How do you define inner beauty, external beauty and non-beauty?

The team is looking for stories which will then be turned into theatrical material for a new musical. We will inform you if/how we are using your material and your contribution can remain anonymous.

We are not looking for lyrics for songs, but stories, thoughts, visuals, manifestos about the truths of beauty.

Please email us your stories on or forward us recordings of your stories in the same email address before the 10th April 2017.

If your story is selected we might need to contact you order to shape its content in an appropriate form for the musical.

For more information regarding the Musical “The Truth about Venus”  visit this link

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