2017 Stories
The Programme- Pafos 2017 “Schools in Action”  invites  the  students of  Pafos to participate in the action “2017 Stories”.

Students are asked to write short exciting stories set in Pafos.
The stories may be accompanied by pictures or photographs.
Topics: stories, local myths, legends of Pafos, imaginative stories set in Pafos.

  • The stories must be original  perhaps  authentic even if they are based on well- known legends, myths or traditions which are related to Pafos.
  • Any illustration must be included into  to the story that is accordingly short.
  • Groups of two or more students may also participate.
  • The stories should not exceed  200-250 words.

The stories will be printed on numbered templates and will then be placed in different locations around Pafos (shops, galleries, exhibition areas)  so that they form a jigsaw which will lead to the next story.

Stories should be sent to to schools@pafos2017.eu entitled “2017 Stories” not later than 20 November 2017.
Each participating story should be on a separate form with the participant’s personal details (name, surname, year, school phone number and email).
For further information: schools@pafos2017.eu

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