Social Media Training by Coca-Cola and Lanitis Bros for the Pafos2017 Volunteers

Lanitis Bros and Coca-Cola, official sponsors of the Volunteer Progrmme of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017, organised on Friday 3 March a unique Social Media Training for the volunteer team.

This interactive training seminar was held at the offices of the Organisation Pafos2017 for the Marketing & Social Media volunteer team of Pafos2017. It was presented by the specialised Coca-Cola social media teams. The purpose of the training was to enhance the skills and knowledge of the volunteers and convey the experience and the secrets of a properly organised presence in the social media, aimed to strengthen communication with the public through interesting content and interactive discussions and experience sharing.

Kalia Patsia, Public Affairs & Communications Manager at Lanitis Bros, referred to the event and the importance of educating volunteers: “We believe that it is important to build a culture of volunteering amongst young people, as this not only allows them to contribute to society but also offers an invaluable opportunity to acquire new skills that will help them later in life and in their search for a job. This has always been one of the objectives of our initiative: To give our volunteers valuable information and knowledge by Social Media experts, that will contribute to their personal development and prove useful beyond their current role as volunteers.”

Stelios Papageorgiou, Coordinator of the Volunteer Programme at Pafos2017 thanked Lanitis Bros and Coca-Cola for the excellent cooperation to date and their contribution to the Volunteer Programme both through their sponsorship and the services and products they provide. He concluded by stating that the two organisations share the passion.

Basic tips discussed at the seminar: The volunteers learned how to represent their team in the social media, how to foster and develop their community of followers and handle questions by users, how to choose the most appropriate platforms for their content as well as how to address their public and narrate their story in an appealing way. They also watched a number of successful case studies and examples presented by Coca-Cola experts, revealing small and big secrets that will ensure the successful online presence of Pafos2017, and were informed about the sponsorship’s communication plan.

Part of the seminar was broadcast live through Facebook Live on the webpage of Lanitis Bros on Facebook and is publicly available to whoever would like to watch it! It is worth noting Coca-Cola’s leading presence worldwide with more than 3.5 million followers on Facebook and 3.33 million on twitter, while the Facebook page of Lanitis Bros, although launched only recently in 2016, has more than 8,300 fans in less than a year.

Since the launching of the sponsorship, Lanitis Bros and Coca-Cola have been looking for ways to enhance their contribution and the valuable and selfless work of the volunteers, by applying in practice the slogan “Sharing the passion”. The two companies are committed to continue supporting the Volunteer Programme throughout the year with concrete actions, with the same passion and enthusiasm, through an exciting plan of actions and initiatives both for the volunteers and the broader society of Pafos and Cyprus. Stay tuned!

Photos by foto LARKO, Pafos

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