The motive for the definition of the thematics of this year’s Summer Workshop, has been the highly significant fact of the appointment of the city of Pafos as the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2017, along with the city of Aarhus in Denmark.

The research framework and the methodology that characterizes the Summer Workshop 2016, is founded on the repetitive practice of specific trips and quick wanderings in the city by the participants, with the aim of recognizing in space, and registering on maps, sketches, photographs, sound recordings, or video, spots which may present a specificity, historical, aesthetic, architectural, social or other. A specificity which, although of high importance, it is nevertheless somewhere hidden. Their recognizing and indication is left to the members of each group of participants, and depends critically on their awareness, and sensitivity.

This initial registration will be followed by the design and application of ideas and proposals which will be about ways and means through which these small, hidden spatial events, will be uncovered and presented to the public.

The Cyprus Architects Association announces the Students and Young Architects Summer Workshop 2016. The School of Architecture, Land and Environmental Sciences of Neapolis University Pafos, has the Scientific Responsibility and Curation of the Workshop. The Workshop is within the framework of the programme of events of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos 2017. Those interested to participate can place their enquiries in writing at the blog of the Cyprus Architects Association website. The Scientific Curator will reply to all enquiries. All relevant information and participation declaration are attached.

Scientific Curation: Solon Xenopoulos, Dimitris Antoniou, Giannis Koutsolambros

Dates/Place: Wednesday 29 June – Friday 8 July 2016 / Neapolis University Pafos

Submission of participation declaration form deadline: 17 June

For more information & participation details please click here

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