Within the frame of exchanges of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017, a group of the Folklore Association “Ktima” represented the Organisation Pafos2017 in an International Meeting of Oral Traditions in Donostia – San Sebastian (DSS), which is the European Capital of Culture of 2016.

After the emotional musical encounter of the Basque community with the voices of Cyprus in the gardens of Pafos2017 on Wednesday, July the 6th, 2016, the two groups met again in San Sebastián under the slogan of the European Capital of Culture DSS2016 “Culture of Coexistence”.

From the 10th until the 17th of July, the group from Pafos2017 had the opportunity through five appearances to transfer to the public of San Sebastian the musical tradition of Cyprus. As the group’s performer, Giorgos Saxate, said very characteristically “we sang for our passions”, for a country that keeps struggling for a peaceful coexistence and living together of the two communities.

In a climate of fraternity and friendship, through the improvisation, the “tsiatista” and other songs inspired and influenced by the war, the pain and the love of ordinary people for their countries, Giorgos Saxate (voice), Alexis Charalambous (violin), Marios Poullas (improviser) and Pambos Charalambous (lute) linked continents and bridged cultures together with the Basques, the Austrians, the Welsh and the Mexicans.

The delegation accepter congratulations from the organizers for their excellent performance and presence during the event, and as the youngest member, Marios Poullas, mentioned “We did not say goodbye to our new friends, we just said “see you again” and we agreed to meet in Pafos, the European Capital of Culture of 2017″.

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