This week at the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017  (23.10.2017 – 29.10.2017)


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19:00 | KΑRAGKIOZIS (CYPRUS, 45′) 
In 2010 the – awarded as an emerging author in 2006-  actress and director Lena Kitsopoulou wrote the short stories collection “Megaloi Dromoi” which included Karagkiozis.
The story provides a penetrating look into childhood – which we all carry along throughout our lives, with no exceptions. The hero’s path is outlined, from childhood to fatherhood, revealing   wounds of the psyche, which occurred during childhood, while the apparent risk of those wounds being exposed will have devastating consequences…
Theatrical adaptation :  Herodotos Miltiadous  & Andreas Araouzos
Directed by Andreas Araouzos 

Performed by Herodotos Miltiadous 
In Greek language with English surtitles 
Suitable for 15+ 

21:00 | PLAYING MAGGIE (G. BRITAIN, 65’)  
“Maggie” is probably Pip’s greatest challenge yet. Pip not only becomes Margaret Thatcher but risks taking audience questions, and answering them as Maggie! Is she a saviour or a witch? Love her or hate her? Not for Pip to decide, only to portray – Pip Utton IS the “Iron Lady”. She divided the nation like no other politician, and changed the face of British, and perhaps world politics forever – the effects of her influence and policies are still felt today.

Script: Pip Utton
Director: Marguerite Chaigne
Performed by: Pip Utton
A production by the Pip Utton Theatre Company
Ages: 14+
In english with greek surtitles
Sponsored by the British Council in Cyprus

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19:00 | KOBA / STALIN (LITHOUANIA, 55’)  
Fudzi, who considers himself Stalin’s comrade and friend, tells us the story of Koba. “Koba” is Joseph Stalin’s revolutionary nickname. For many years, Fudzi and Koba shared their last crumb of bread with each other, until they were finally able to share a common joy – the victory of the revolution. They loved, cherished and respected each other. However, love and devotion of his comrades were not enough for Stalin, whose intention was to rule people’s hearts and minds. Koba the revolutionist gradually turned to Stalin, the dictator. Everyone knows what happened next. Koba‘s enemies kept disappearing, but soon also nearly all of his friends were gone
Director: Stanislovas Rubinovas
Set: Sergėjus Bocullo
Performed by: Aleksandras Rubinovas
Ages: 16+
In russian with greek and english surtitles

21:00|  KΟHLHAAS (GREECE 75’)  
“Kohlhaas” is a magnificent dark medieval story by Heinrich von Kleist, based on true facts which took place in Germany around 1500.It’s the story of a well-off and law-abiding horse dealer who was mistreated by an arrogant nobleman. His two favourite horses were wrongly confiscated.
Kohlhaas was denied justice at court and, blinded by the wrongdoing, led a rebellion against the mighty nobleman.
Soon his wrath fell upon anyone standing in his way.
At some point, he realises that he himself became an abuser.
Translation of the theatrical adaptation, direction & interpretation by Nikos Alexiou
Music by Christos Xenakis
Sound & Lights by Giannis Zervas 

Performed by Nikos Alexiou
In Greek with English surtitles 
Suitable for 17+

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IBRAHIM’S KHAN  (Starting Point)
From Ibrahim’s Khan as their point of departure, Carte Blanche theatre company will create an innovative performance, emphasising on the audience’s experiences and the interaction between actors and audience.
For the company, it is crucial to vividly highlight and explore the senses, as well as to engage the audience into the performance as active participants. The theatre company, which is based in Viborg, Denmark, stages productions of international interest. Their performances are linked, in a very special way, to the locations in which they are presented as well as with other art forms. Artistic director: Sara Topsøe-Jensen.
A collaboration of the European Capitals of Culture Pafos2017 and Aarhus 2017.
Limited availability
Reservation required: 26 932017

Free Entrance

Photo copyright © Kostas Prapoglou and Arianna Economou

Photo copyright © Kostas Prapoglou and Arianna Economou


  • Site Specific / Promenade Performances 
    Wednesday 25 October 2017 – Meeting Point: Costis Palamas Square, 16:30-18:00
  • Exhibition
    Municipal Gallery
    Opening: Friday 27 October 2017, 19:00 – 22:00
    Duration: Friday 27 October – Saturday 11 November 2017
    Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00-15:00 / Saturday 10:00 – 13:00

Trails of Memories
The almost deserted old city centre of Pafos emerges as an echo of a forgotten social and cultural reality. The project records the multiple socio-historic layers, as they appear through the paths of collective and personal memories. A series of site-specific performances, in key-places in Mousallas area, orchestrate a new narrative about the relationship between dancers, place and audience. At the same time, an exhibition with rare archival and audiovisual material, bridges all levels of collective memory and awareness through personal testimonies.
Performers: Harry Koushos, Michail Kriembardis, Natalie Tsingis, Hasine Felek, Mikaela Michael, Nandia Georgiadou , Arianna Economou
Choreographer / Director / Dramaturgy / Music Supervisor: Arianna Economou
Curator & Artistic Consultant: Dr Kostas Prapoglou

*Part of the Terpsichore programme of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.
Free Entrance



19:00 | BLOOD WEDDING ( SPAIN 60’) 
“Blood Wedding”, starts out of the visceral confrontation between the rigid values converted to laws and the useless and bleeding struggle of someone that keeps fighting to keep a small plot of individual freedom, in spite of belonging to a society.
In this interdisciplinary show where the singing, flamenco and contemporary dance, acting and video projections combine, there are three tragic stories that weave together. The story of the real people who inspired Lorca in 1928, the story of the mother, the moon and the bride and Federico’s Lorca story, as the main actor in a drama that ends with an obscene and absurd death.
Directed by  Pati Domenech
Costume design by  Paula Roca
Video by Juan Carlos Fernandez
Performed by María Vidal

Sponsored by the Embassy of Spain in Cyprus & the support of the Institute Cervantes
In Spanish with English and Greek surtitles 
Suitable for 14+

Inspired by the classical tragedy of Sophocles, “Antigone” explores the ways to unite the ancient and the contemporary language by contrasting sequences of huge video images of the chorus with human figures in front of them. Birute Mar is once Antigone, then her sister Ismene and also Creon, then his son Haemon, the guard and the prophet Tiresias – she plays all the characters. The fragile human body on stage and the big virtual projections of the chorus are accompanied by music and text.
Script and direction by Birute Mar
Video director: Andrius Jakucionis
Music by Antanas Kucinskas
Costume design by Jolanta Rimkute
Performed by Birute Mar
Physical Theatre 

In Lithuanian with English and Greek surtitles 
Suitable for 10+

 Armi Nurminen_Layers of identity_work in progressThursday 26 October – Monday 6 November 2017 12:00-19:00
Opening: Thursday 26 October 18:00
Friday 27 October 2017 18:00 (Discussion)
Ibrahim’s Khan

The exhibition presents paintings, sculpture and performing art that celebrate the connections between different cultures. The group, which comprises of artists based in Finland, UK and Cyprus, explores the hybridity and commonalities of cultural identities, for example through myth, archaeology and personal stories.

On Friday, 27th of October, at 6:00 p.m., there will be a discussion on “Sense of Home”, with Dr. Antony Fredriksson.

The members of Apus Apus are: Aggela Stavrou (Cyprus), Alexia Achilleos (Cyprus-UK-Finland), Anna Ellmén (Finland), Antony Fredriksson (Finland), Armi Nurminen (Finland), Erik Mäkinen (Finland), Konstantina Achilleos (Cyprus-Finland), Outimaija Hakala (Finland), Ricardo Rodrigues Ferreira (UK-Portugal), Tuomas Venäläinen (Finland).

Free entrance

19:00 |  KIOSK (JAPAN, 60′) 
Kiosk focuses on a middle-aged woman who works in a tiny store kiosk, the kind you see all over the world. What occurs there seems like a strange commercial transaction. She only sells newspapers and bottled water, but here’s how she does it: with balletic flourishes, she attaches herself to two bungee cords, one affixed to a large steel case, the other to a garbage can on opposite ends of her counter space.  On a rolling chair, she spins, zips and zooms back and forth, in and out, filling plastic bottles from dripping water coolers on opposite ends of her counter, while rolling newspapers and unloading boxes from a pile in the back of the store.  She choreographs all this to a Beethoven symphony, punctuated with live bursts from an electric bass and guitar.
Concept and text by Shino Kuraishi
Directed by Yasuki Fujita

Performed by Tomoko Ando
Physical Theatre 
With the support and collaboration of the Cultural Organisation EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee.
Suitable for 12+

21:00 | MΙRA (ALGERIA, 55′) 
We witness at least three time phases in the life of Mira, a street performer who makes puppets out of straws and canvas. The show begins with the arrival of a letter from Mira’s lover warning her of the horrors of terrorism and fascism. We follow Mira as she works, laughs, aspires, and falls in love – she enjoys her work and her life is simple and quiet. But then, all of a sudden, everything changes and she finds herself tortured randomly; a casualty of the very terrors the letter foretold.
Mira poignantly performs her own interrogation – it is an act of violence with the reverberating impact. Her spirit is broken, but she does not seek revenge.
The script can be seen as a warning that it is always the simple, decent person who falls victim to political games.
Directed by Hichem Houari Boussahela
Produced by the Mosaic Theatre
Performed by Souad Janati
Sponsored by the Fujairah International Monodrama Festival FIMF
In Arabic with English and Greek surtitles
Suitable for 15+


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19:00 | 

Shakespeare’s outsiders gather in one play. The exiled king, the fool, the refugee, the social outcast – they all have something to say about society and human nature. The show tells the story of these people and proffers up their unique viewpoint on life, through humour, irony and anguish, and as a result suggests the viewpoint of Shakespeare himself.
Among the characters are the famous Richard II and IIΙ, Macbeth, Jacques and Shylock, and the less known and performed Timon of Athens, Launce, The Duchess of Gloucester, and a rarely performed speech from Sir Thomas More about immigration.
Devised by Nick Hutchison and Dori Engel
Director: Nick Hutchison
Set and Costumes: Melanie Lombard
Music: Ronnie Reshef
Performed by: Dori Engel 

Physical Theatre
Sponsored by the Embassy of Israel in Cyprus 
In English with Greek surtitles 
Suitable for 13+

21:00|  THE MISSION BOX (GREECE, 75′) 
At the end of the Greek civil war, a guerrilla group undertakes, following a mandate from the Headquarters, the transfer of a box of unknown content by passing through hostile territory; the recipients being the commanders of a partisan city. During the mission, the team begins to lose its members gradually, until only one guerrilla survives and finally manages to deliver the box. But when it reaches its destination, it is found to be empty and the guerrilla gets imprisoned by his other companions for sabotage…
The “Mission Box” is Aris Alexandrou’s only novel and has been characterised as one of the most important texts of Modern Greek literature.
Adapted – Directed by Fotis Makris and Kleopatra Tologou
Theatre design by Dionissis Manoussakis
Music by Yorgos Ninios
Performed by Fotis Makris 
In Greek with English surtitles
Suitable for 14+


The monodrama focuses on the 18th century Poland just before its fall. In his novel Karol Zbyszewski ridicules politicians from opposing camps, clergy, army and spares neither the king nor the author of Powrót posła (The Return of the Deputy). He derides heavy drinking, laziness, recklessness, love of empty slogans and gestures, false religiousness, political vexations and other vice making the whole society in a sense responsible for the Partitions of Poland. The performance is inspired by Karol Zbyszewski’s doctoral thesis “Niemcewicz od przodu i tyłu”
Adapted by Stanisław Miedziewski and Mateusz Nowak
Translated by Andrzej Kępski
Directed by Stanisław Miedziewski
Costume by Magdalena Franczak
Performed by Mateusz Nowak
In Polish language with Greek & English surtitles
Suitable for 16+  

21:00 |  TΗΕ CLOWN (ROMANIA, 70′) 
This one-man show tells us the love story between Hans and Marie,  the main theme of  Heinrich Böll’s novel.Hans Schnier is the “Clown” of the novel’s title. He is a professional artist, an observing and transforming specialist of the everyday absurdity into pantomime. But when the woman he loves leaves him for religious reasons, the Great Nothing seems to be the only pantomime left to… perform. This year “The Clown” is part of the  European events celebrating the 100th years anniversary since the birth of the German writer Heinrich Böll
Directed by Anca Maria Colțeanu
music by Ovidiu Savu
costumes by Matei Vladimir
Performed by  Alex Buescu

Physical Theatre 
In Romanian language with Greek and English surtitles 
Suitable for 16+ 



 19:00 | RΕBECCA ( CYPRUS 40′) 
“Rebecca” is a devised physical theatre performance drawing inspiration from the character in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel “A Hundred Years of Solitude”, as well as Greek folk songs and Sephardic lullabies. Rebecca in the novel is a woman who shuts herself in her house forever right after her husband mysteriously dies. This is the third time in her life she experiences loss and grief. As a child, she lost her parents when they were murdered, and, in her twenties, she was disowned by her adopted parents for marrying their son… This performance goes beyond language as narrative; it rather has the body tell the story and uses the sound of language and song to create the atmosphere of the piece.
Devised and performed by Charalambia Theophanous
Costume: Gina Constantinou
Installations: Elia Neophytou
Physical Theatre
Suitable for 12+

Iranian performer Yaser Khaseb will mesmerise you with his storytelling. Part dance, part performance art, all compelling — he invites us into his culture and we see how universal the human experience truly is; take this opportunity to connect our stories. Khaseb has crafted a show devised of several movement-based pieces, making the language barrier inconsequential. He begins with a look at traditional Persian performance, offering insight into a people with a rich history and encouraging the audience to find human connection through the act of pure physical storytelling.
Performed by Yaser Khaseb
Physical Theatre
Suitable for 12+

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