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Monday 19 until Friday 30 June

Shelley Residence, 17:00-20:00

The In&At project started in San Sebastian/Donostia2016 as an exchange programme of six photographers from the European Capitals of Culture San Sebastian/Donostia, Pafos and Aarhus along with Hull, the UK City of Culture. The photographers were invited to undertake a series of residencies in search of what their cities have in common, through their identities, culture, environment and people.
In this framework the exhibition presents photographs Maite Basterra created during her residency in Pafos based on the memories of Cypriot refugees and photographs Thanos Savvidis created in San Sebastian based on his own experiences and memories of his hometown Pafos. The exhibition includes projections and prints of photographs by the other participants of In&At: Ditte Haarløv Johnsen from Denmark, Andrea Lea Ingebrigtsen from Hull, Vicky Mendiz from San Sebastian and Oihana Marco from San Sebastian.

A collaboration of the European Capitals of Culture: San Sebastian 2016, Pafos2017, Aarhus 2017 and Hull 2017.
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The Mountain and the Tree - Image

Thursday 22 June, 20:30
Open Air Attikon

Musicians  Murat Aydemir (tambour) and Christos Barbas (ney), from Turkey and Greece respectively, bring to light a common musical tradition that unites the two peoples through the ages, by presenting their new album “The Mountain and the Tree”. The canvas of the past is enriched with touches of new elements and contemporary musical compositions, adding charm to this endeavour and reviving in essence the common musical roots of the two countries. With the participation of the master of the political lyre, Stratis Psaradellis.
Hospitality Sponsor: Kings Hotel
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Friday 23 June, 20:30
Monastery Panagia tou Sinti

The Voices of the World travel to the silent, yet gifted with the highest supremacy of the silence monastery of Sintis, the one that along with the prayers and devoutness of the faithful, hosts images, sounds and memories of a past life. Theodosia Roussou and her musicians breath new life into the deserted landscape, singing in a special way songs from Cyprus, Greece and other countries of the Mediterranean and Europe, but also Mexico and the United States, in seven different languages. She is accompanied by her guitars and strings ensemble.

With the cooperation and support of the Salamiou, Kelokedara, Pentalia and Agia Marina Kalokedaron villages.
Hospitality Sponsor: Mayfair Hotel

Foto by: Yiannis Koutsolampros
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Choir Meetings – Pancyprian Choral Festival
Friday 23 June20:00
Pafos Town Hall Square

Voice ensembles and choruses from all over Cyprus participate in this music meeting. The Pancyprian Choral Festival is organised for 28 years by the Pafos Municipality.
The Choral Festival is curated by Sotiris Karagiorgis (composer and conductor).
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Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.39.58

Saturday 24 June, 20:30

What do we know of each other in today’s divided Cyprus? What are the myths and tales that molded and shaped our common past, the multi-form and long-lasting? How are the personal stories and narratives of the present formed by our heritage, upbringing and societal structures?
With the art of theatre as a tool and the power of personal and collective memory, Achim Wieland and Marios Ioannou unfold, with the help of group of people-performers, the yarns of time through a never-ending dialogue, interweaving blurred and indelible memories with untold stories and forgotten myths, unacknowledged guilt and old wrong-doings. Through thematic research, the workshop encourages the participants in an honest and objective ‘soul exchange’, aiming at producing a new perspective from this shared dialogue. A dialogue which will culminate in a theatrical performance full of all the colours of human life.

The performance is in english (with greek, turkish, armenian and maronite text elements)
Direction/Dramaturgy: Achim Wieland, Marios Ioannou
Collaborating Dramaturge: Ellada Evangelou
Director’s Assistants: Izel Seylani, Marianna Vouga
Producer/Project Coordinator: Sossée Eskidjian
With the cooperation and support of the Goethe Institute in Nicosia.

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Αμφιθέατρο Τάλας


THE BRIDGE OF MUSIC  – Cyprus Symphony Orchestra
Saturday 24 June, 20:30
Tala Amphitheatre (Duration: 85’ (including a break)

In line with the emblematic motto of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017 “Linking Continents – Bridging Cultures”, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra hosts GreekCypriot and Turkish. Cypriot artists and presents a comprehensive programme containing harmony, rhythm and melody as raw materials.

Haydn: Overture to the opera L’isola disabitata, Hob. 28/9
Concerto for violin and piano in F major, Hob 18/6
Α. Baltas: 7 Cypriot traditional songs
Hoca: Cyprus Capriccio (Kibris Kapricyosu)
Soloist: Charis Hatzigeorgiou (violin), Esra Poyrazoğlu Alpan (piano)
Conducted by Ali Hoca
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Animafest_exibition engraving_SUZUKI Fumiko-Though,

16th COUNTRY ANIMAFEST CYPRUS,  “Views of the World”
Saturday 24 June / 19:00 
(Festival’s opening at Hambis Printmaking Museum in Platanisteia)

The Festival presents a rich programme with the most important films of independent animation cinema from all over the world, films from the Cypriot and the International Competition Programme, exhibitions, workshops (masterclasses) by international animation celebrities and also tributes, concerts and screenings of children’s animation films.
This year’s Festival focuses on Japan, and in cooperation with the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017 Organisation and EU JAPAN FEST, present a great exhibition of contemporary Japanese Engraving at the Famagusta Gate in Nicosia (21/6), an exhibition of the traditional Ukiyo-e Japanese Engraving at the Hambis Printmaking Museum in Platanisteia (24/6), as well as a tribute to Japanese independent animation cinema and an exhibition with works by the most important representative of our days, of independent Japanese Animation, Koji Yamamura. More screenings will take place at Technopolis 20 (25/6, 21:00) and Almyra Hotel (26/6, 21:00)

All screenings and parallel events will continue in Nicosia, at the Archontiko of Axiothea, Theatro Ena, Pyli Ammochostou and the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

For more information: www.animafest.com.cy/


This Month3

Sunday 25 June, 20:30 
Pafos Castle (Duration: 45’)

With an impressive show, “The Dance of the Caryatides” is a dance performance that takes place in the air, in front of the Pafos Castle. An explosive, playful production that, using motion, lights and sound, changes the perspective of the historic building. The show has been designed by the Compagnie Retouramont specifically for Pafos Castle as part of the Travellers of the World thematic. Fabrice Guillot, artistic director of the French team, created a fascinating choreography, as it takes place in heights, thus exploring new fields of expression (and existence, and presence, and movement) between buildings and bodies. The team has collaborated with famous choreographers and dancers, as well as artistic and cultural institutions and has performed in places of particular interest. The kinesiology governing the dancers’ maneuvers in the air connects vertical dance with moves that point to acrobats, in a game that radically changes the image of the space in which it takes place.
With the support and cooperation of the French Institute of Cyprus.

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