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March 2017


A collaboration of the European Capitals of Culture Pafos2017 and Valletta2018 in a musical programme that brings out children’s talent, under the guidance of the musician and composer Ruben Zahra from Malta. On the occasion of the establishment of the Pafos Music Gymnasium in 2017, the Pafos2017 Organisation invites four artists from Valletta, the European Capital of Culture in 2018, to work in a five-day workshop with students from the Pafos Music School. The children will have the opportunity to…

April 2017

The Akathistos Hymn

20:00 — 23:00

The choir of the Pafos Music Group, conducted by Sotiris Karagiorgis and the choir of Aris Limassol, conducted by Solon Kladas, present this masterpiece of Byzantine hymns with music by Christos Leontis. Leontis is a significant Greek composer and has based this work on Byzantine and folk music, whilst incorporating eastern elements and contemporary music. The event is part of the series of event titled: Music at the Threshold, which includes two other concerts linked by the particularities of the…

Per-sonat: Meramere

All Day

Codex Cyprus is a collection of secular and religious works by an unknown artist dating around the year 1413 AD. It is one of the few medieval manuscripts of this kind of music admired across Europe for nearly 300 years. Per-Sonat will show us both the religious and the secular part, thus highlighting the similarities between text and music. The event is part of the series of event titled: Music at the Threshold, which includes two other concerts linked by…

J.S. Bach: Looking towards the East and the West

20:00 — 23:00

The concert highlights the importance of the Byzantine (East) and the Catholic (West) tradition in the evolution of European music. It revolves around the Goldberg Variations by J.S. Bach (Trio String) combined with hymns and improvisations. The event is part of the series of event titled: Music at the Threshold, which includes two other concerts linked by the particularities of the countries where they will be held, promoting the general co-existence between historical periods, cultures and traditions which (at first)…

Philharmonic Encounters

20:00 — 23:00

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Pafos Municipality together with the Philharmonic Band of the Cyprus Police, the Cypriot National Guard, the Municipality of Lakatamia and the Matzaros Philharmonic Society of Corfu celebrate band music. The public will also be invited to participate in the CinePhilharmonic programme which combines cinema with music played by marching bands. Clips from films will be screened while the bands will be playing, giving the audience a unique experience it.

Jazz Encounters in Pafos

12:00 — 23:00

On the occasion of the International Jazz Day, the Organisation Pafos2017 invites musicians and bands from Cyprus and abroad to come together in a joint venture, aiming to establish an annual encounter of virtuoso musicians with different influences that together create a big mosaic of melody, rhythm and harmony. 29 April 2017 at 12:00                  Jazzologia Big Band        13 musicians coming from different orientations, studies and movements, come together in a big jazz band under the artistic direction of…

May 2017

Berlin Philharmonic

The Berlin Philharmonic is one of Europe’s greatest orchestras, with hundreds of concerts, performances and recordings all over the world. The Artistic Director of the Berlin Philharmonic was for many years the legendary conductor Herbert von Karajan. Since 1991, every year on the 1st of May the Berlin Philharmonic organises its annual European Concert which broadcasts live on German TV (ARD) to many European and Asian countries, while it is also streamed globally. In 2017, the great conductor Mariss Jansons,…

Songs of Travellers

20:00 — 23:00

The term World Travellers of Pafos2017 comprises all the visitors of Cyprus throughout the centuries, be they conquerors, wanderers, tourists, migrants or refugees. Migration is linked with nostalgia, the pain of separation and the longing to return back home. All these are manifested in songs and music around the world. The Music Schools of Cyprus present the stories of those leaving home, those who wish to return and those who were left behind. Conducted by Socrates Terpizis. Βuy your tickets…

One touch of Venus and More

20:30 — 23:30

The programme includes highlights of Kurt Weill’s music and Bertolt Brecht’s poetry, starring German musical and chanson star Ute Lemper. Ballads and songs come together with music from The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny and The Threepenny Opera. Pafos, the mythical hometown of Aphrodite, is inextricably linked to the goddess of beauty and love. The events of Pafos2017 bring to light this mythical landscape with a series of works, starting with a performance dedicated to the passion…

Officina Zoe

20:30 — 23:30

The music ensemble Officina Zoe was founded in the early 1990’s and they have ever since been active in the kind of music which speaks for labour, love, and social as well as political protest and the way these are manifested in Southern Italy. They were the first to work with the rhythm called “Pizzica”, also known as the ‘tarantula dance’ which became known due to Edoardo. Winspeare’s films, Sangue Vivo (2000) and Il Miracolo (2004) films which featured music…

Mediterranean Musical traditions

20:00 — 21:30

The series of events celebrates the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean and its neighbouring countries, as well as their impact on contemporary music. Shared musical experiences connect people from across cultures, mentalities and beyond language. They become the way to truly link continents and bridge cultures as the motto of Pafos2017 suggests. Mediterranean Musical Traditions is a three-day event comprising of five concerts by musicians from Greece, Northern Italy, Israel and Spain. Curated by: Kyriakos Kalaitzides. The five concerts…

Cypriot Kaleidoscope

20:00 — 23:00

A concert by four energetic and highly promising musicians who represent modern Cypriot music production. Yiannis Koutis started as a soloist and has found his own personal style with traceable influences from Arabic and Byzantine chants. Alkis Agathokleous has a modern approach to playing the ney – a Middle Eastern long flute, possibly one of the oldest instruments still in use. Influenced by jazz and Sufi traditions, Agathokleous harmoniously interacts with fellow musicians Nikolas Tryphonos and Rodos Panagiotou creating a…

Fawaz baker Ensemble (Syria)

21:30 — 23:30

Fawaz Baker Ensemble come from Aleppo, a historical city now going through extremely difficult times. Before the war, Aleppo was an emblematic landmark for the entirety of the Arabic music world, a crossroads of music traditions, idioms and elements from the Byzantine, Arabic, Persian, Armenian and Ottoman traditions. The musicians of the Fawaz Baker Ensemble, thanks to their talent and knowledge, have managed to stand out in an environment of cultural diversity and richness and to form their repertoire including…

Lo cor de la plana (France)

20:00 — 23:00

This amazing vocal ensemble from the Provence in the south of France uses a variety of percussion instruments. The five members sing exclusively in Occitan idiom, brought along by migrants from former French colonies in the Caribbean and Africa. Le Monde aptly described them as “an ensemble with crazy energy and a unique, intoxicating power”. The artists have toured in many European countries where their performances gained them highest acclaim from audience and critics. Vocal artists: Manu Théron, Benjamin Novarino-Giana,…

Flamenco Roots (Spain)

21:30 — 23:30

Percussionist and composer Sergio Martinez presents a night of flamenco inspired by the thousand-year-old Andalusian tradition which combines music and dance. Four of the most significant artists of the genre join forces in a performance of sensitivity, emotional intensity, mastery, exaltation and extraordinary energy. The musicians combine some of the most ancient elements of Mediterranean music and dance traditions with modern forms of performance and composition. Dani de Morón: guitar. Rafael de Utera: vocals. Nino de los Reyes: dance. Sergio…

Exile (Greece, Cyprus, Iran)

20:00 — 23:00

The history of humanity is a long, painful history of exile. For the Christians, there is reference in the Bible of Adam and Eve being exiled from Paradise; for the Muslims, this expulsion is the exile away from Mekka. For dissidents, exile has always been a sad reality and a means of punishment or even physical annihilation. Millions of people have been led (by force or forcedly “voluntarily”) to exile, for political, religious and national reasons, or even in search…

June 2017

Vladimir & Vovka Ashkenazy


A recital for two pianos with Vladimir Ashkenazy and his son, Vovka. Vladimir Ashkenazy is a living legend, and perhaps the most significant maestro and pianist in the world for the last six decades. Vladimir and Vovka Ahkenazy will perform major works of the international repertoire.

Aphrodite’s gardens

20:30 — 23:30

Dance, images and poetry accompanied musically by the Duo Akamas, take the audience on a tour around Aphrodite’s Gardens, re-enacting stories, images and scents of her birthplace. Traditional songs intertwine with melodies by Astor Piazzolla and Jules Massenet. The dramaturgy, performance and direction are in the hand of Pavlina Flevotoma, while music, orchestration and performance are the work of Nikolas Kyriakou and Iasonas Keramides who make up the Duo Akamas, known for their high-quality work. With the participation of a…

Τhe Mountain and the Τree

20:30 — 23:30

Musicians Stratis Psaradellis, Murar Aydemir and Christos Barbas from Greece and Turkey bring to light the common musical tradition the two countries share. The past is enriched with touches of new elements and contemporary music, giving prominence to the music shared by the two countries.

Choir Encounters

20:30 — 23:30

Pafos sings out. Vocal ensembles and choirs from Cyprus and abroad participate in a celebration of music from different countries and cultures. The Municipality of Pafos organises the Cyprus Choir Festival with Sotiris Karagiorgis being the artistic director. A choir from Japan has been invited at the festival, selected through an open call process.

Voices of the World at Sinti Monastery

20:30 — 23:30

The Voices of the World travel to the silent and serene Monastery of Sinti which apart from being a house of prayer, holds images, sounds and memories from the past. Theodosia Roussou and her musicians breath life into the deserted monastery again, singing songs from Cyprus, Greece and other Mediterranea and European countries, as well as Mexico and the United States.

The Bridge of Music


In line with the motto “Linking Continents – Bridging Cultures”, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra hosts guest artists in a rich and eclectic music programme. Harmony, rhythm and melody are seen and used as bridges between cultures and communities. Conducted by Ali Hoca, with the soloists Charis Hatzigeorgiou (violin) and Esra Poyrazoğlu Alpan (piano), this concert proves that supposed boundaries are not strong enough to limit the inherent power of art to bring people close. For the year 2017, the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra and…

Yamato taiko Drum Ensemble – Chousousha

The drums, the rhythm and the colours of the Far East, as well as the samurai tradition travel to Pafos with the Yamato Ensemble creating the magical atmosphere of the country of the Rising Sun on the city’s central square. Taiko means drum and the ancient Japanese art of percussion instruments. Yamato is a group of drummers who continue this tradition, and they come to Pafos to offer us much more than a simple taiko performance. Colours and music will…

July 2017

Bridging Life and Death

20:30 — 23:30

Under the light of the full moon and inspired by the exhibition Life of the Dead organised by Moesgaard Museum and the Society of Cyprus Studies, the project Bridging Life and Death is an unusual tour through the archaeological site of the Tombs of the Kings. Here, the silence of the dead is perceived as the music accompanying life. The tour will be concluded in the third emblematic tomb where Timotheos Stylianides will perform a guitar recital and Maria Andreou…

Cyprus Rhymes of Love

20:30 — 21:45

Dates: 17.07.2017 / 30.07.2017 / 2.08.2017 All the performances will start at 20:30 The Travelling Stage takes this performance to three different venues, in spaces that are linked to each other through their historical, archaeological as well as  aesthetic properties. This programme turns poetry of famous Cypriot folk poets into drama, in which joy, the hardships and the passions of love are celebrated. Artistic Director: Chryso Charalambous, Orchestration: Michalis Kouloumis. Performance: Elena Hatziafxenti. Musicians: Michalis Kouloumis, Thodoris Pegeia Ziarkas and…

The truth about Venus

20:30 — 00:00

The musical The Truth about Venus is an original composition based on interviews with people of Pafos – locals, migrants and visitors. It is an investigation into the beauty which lies in the World (centering around Pafos) which aims at tracing the secret substance of beauty, located in faces, landscapes, animals and everyday activities. Drawing on the work of the theatre company Rimini Protokoll, Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis and the musical London Road by the National Theatre (UK), the performance…

Luz Casal

20:30 — 23:30

Luz Casal, one of the most famous stars of the Spanish music scene, who has released dozens of albums and has sold millions of records, is a true star of the music world transferring her own musical tradition throughout the world successfully and winning awards and prizes such as the famous Goya Award. She has worked with many renowned and important artists, and she is constantly experimenting with new genres. The Travelling Stage hosts the warm and soulful voice of…

August 2017

Music without borders


The famous Acordes Guitar Ensemble (with nine guitars and a contrabass) will present a programme with music written for guitars as well as covers of famous pieces from the broader Mediterranean (Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Spain), Latin America and traditional Cypriot melodies adapted by Evagoras Karageorgis. The music has been selected according to the location and refers to the theme of Eros-Love-Beauty. Other musical instruments will accompany the guitars, and the singer Pavlina Constantopoulou will perform. By Evagoras Karageorgis and…

Second life


Eleftheria Arvanitaki is famous for her unique and beautiful vocal interpretation of ancient and modern Greek poetry by poets such as Sappho, Maria Polydouri, Kostas Karyotakis, Napoleon Lapathiotis, and Odysseas Elytis, to name but a few. Her repertoire comprises Cypriot traditional songs as well. For the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017, Eleftheria Arvanitaki will offer a music performance based on poetry in a location of beauty and love, while her artistic excellence proves once more how each verse can actually…

The Mediterranean meets the balkans


The Amalgamation Project is a musical journey through Mediterranean and Balkan musical traditions. The band will present traditional songs as well as original compositions, with the inclusion of short narrations and poetry recitals. The performance, which celebrates the musicality of human voice, will include polyphonic songs sung a cappella by the female vocal group Amalgamation Choir. The choir uses voice and simple accessories to add surprising and original sound effects to their excellent performance. Vocals, research, compositions: Vasiliki Anastasiou. Guitar,…

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