Community Involvement Programme

The Community Involvement Programme (SPP) aims at the involvement and enthusiasm of citizens, through their participation in activities in either the Community Involvement Programme or the Artistic Programme. For the success of the European Capital of Culture and its objectives, the activation of citizens and organised groups is necessary; awareness, participation and securing of partnership for innovative activities that contribute to the creation of institutions for the years to come, are also very much needed.

Through the Community Involvement Programme, the Open Air Factory invites groups, minorities, foreign permanent residents, immigrants and refugees to integrate and, together with the residents and the artists of Pafos, to create joint activities, with respect to diversity and acceptance of the other.

The involvement of organised groups multiplies the involvement of citizens, as well as the dissemination of the messages of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017.

The Community Involvement Programme is simultaneously linked to activities of the Pafos2017 Artistic Programme in various ways and it offers an opportunity to the participants for creative and organised participation, as well as opportunities and prospects for knowledge and skills development, leaving behind important structures and prerequisites for the engagement of active citizens in the years after 2017.