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Saturday 7th February 2015 – Starbucks Kato Pafos 11:00am


The Pafos2017 Community Involvement Programme of the Open Air Factory invites you to share ideas and join forces for the development of the cultural life of our city. An invitation is extended to all of you; residents, guests, visitors and artists in order to transform our city into a vibrant, dynamic and modern city.

Calling all artists from Pafos, in collaboration with active young citizens of Pafos city, to join us in creating outdoor works of art and each time transforming a different location of our city. This ART in ACTION activity is about revamping a mundane wall found along the pathway next to Starbucks in Kato Pafos.

Join us and let’ s transform this grey wall, into a lively work of art.
Come and meet us, and help us recreate and liven up our city.
For the benefit of our city, it’s visitors and ourselves.
Come and be an active participant in adding some colour and inspiration to our city.

For more information and for applying please call 26932017
Organizers: Pafos 2017, Starbucks and JCI (Junior Chamber International)

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