Become a Sponsor

In order to fulfill and enrich its cultural programme, Pafos2017 collaborates with various sponsors on a local and national scope, in a number of categories and levels.

Through the Sponsors Manual, we present to potential sponsors an overall picture of the Pafos2017 Organization, its main goals and objectives, its programme highlights and the implementation path of the Pafos2017 European Capital of Culture.

The Pafos2017 sponsors will have continuous collaboration with the Pafos2017 Organisation throughout the duration of the European Capital of Culture. The sponsorship categories are divided into: the Official Sponsors, Event Sponsors, Hospitality Sponsors, Media Sponsors and Supporters.

The Pafos2017 Official Sponsors are divided into the following levels & special categories:

Pafos2017 Platinum Official Sponsors

Pafos2017 Gold Official Sponsors

Pafos2017 Official Sponsors

Pafos2017 Official Outdoor Advertising Sponsor

Pafos2017 Official Transportation Sponsor

The Pafos2017 Event Sponsors have 2 levels defined by the value of the event and sponsorship sum:

Pafos2017 Main Event Sponsor

Pafos2017 Event Sponsor

The Pafos2017 Hospitality Sponsors are divided into 2 levels defined by the number of free hotel accommodation packages offered to the Organisation:

Pafos2017 Official Hospitality Sponsor

Pafos2017 Hospitality Sponsor

The Pafos2017 Media Sponsors are divided into 4 categories:

Pafos2017 Institutional Sponsor

Pafos2017 National Media Sponsors

Pafos2017 Local Media Sponsors

Pafos2017 Online Sponsors

The Pafos2017 Supporters include many entertainment establishments of Pafos who support the Organisation with discounted or free services and the circulation of Pafos2017 promotional material.

For more information about the Pafos2017sponsorship programme please contact mrs Terpsoula Vasou – Financial & Fundraising Officer T: 26955168 E:

Click here for the Sponsors Manual.