Become a Volunteer

As the Pafos2017 programme of events unfolds towards the year 2017, the need for active involvement of the public becomes more and more intense. No one can be spared. Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity or occupation, let’s all join forces to make Pafos2017 a historic occasion for our city.There is a place for all. We have created different Teams where everyone can utilize and multiply their skills and interests, and at the same time, strengthen the year of the European Capital of Culture, which we undertook to accomplish successfully.

If you wish to take part, offering your time and skills, thus contributing to our city’s great project, choose the Team that suits you best and contact the Volunteers’ Coordinator at, or at 26955 170

It is with great pleasure that we will reciprocate and reward our active volunteers, which will contribute to the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017.
Volunteers will receive the Pafos2017 Volunteer Log Book, where they will record the work offered to the Organisation. After each assignment, Pafos2017 will officially certify their contribution.
Volunteers that offer their services to particular events will be entitled to free entrance or free tickets, according to availability.
All volunteers will receive the Pafos2017 Certificate, which will confirm their participation.

1. Production Team

Support, organisation and set-up of events, constructions, back-stage support.
The work should be carried out in an organised and disciplined manner, with safety and precision.Volunteers will be trained in theatre techniques, musical productions and will also acquire knowledge on how to set-up an artistic – cultural event, gaining valuable skills and experiences.
Team Organiser: George Lazoglou

2. Communication and Marketing Team

The Team’s target is to promote the vision of Pafos2017, as well as its cultural programme. Social media management, design and distribution of promotional material. Communicational support of events and activities. Composition and translation of texts, design and forwarding of promotional and other material.
If you are a person who has or wishes to acquire experience in communication and marketing, if you are a master of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog and Mail chimp – if you are a good writer, designer, translator, if you know how to use electronic means and want to learn more about the promotion matrix of a European Capital of Culture, come to our Team!
Team Organisers: Anastazia Anastasiou & Anthi Evangelou

3. Administration and Cultural Barometer team
Support and assistance in the areas of organisation, management and documentation of the Pafos2017 events and programmes. Participation in conducting the “Cultural Barometer”, which is the statistical research for the evaluation of Pafos2017. Volunteers in this Team must have knowledge and skills in classification and archiving of data. The acquired knowledge may prove invaluable in the volunteers’ professional future.
Team Organisers: Sotiroula Konikkou & Constantinos Tsangarides (Neapolis University)

4. Hospitality Team
Welcoming and escorting of artists and guests to the events.
Ushering, informing and guiding the public. Communication in various languages, public relations. The volunteers of this Team are the front line, the welcoming face of Pafos2017. They must convey the enthusiasm and quality of the mission of the European Capital of Culture in a direct and friendly manner. They will gain knowledge on public relations and communication through their participation in the biggest cultural event of the world.
Team Organiser: Galatia Georgiou

5.Immediate Response Team
Supplementing the rest of the Teams when necessary, the creation of more specialised groups according to their knowledge and needs. Crowd management, First Aid and venue security. The volunteers of this Team will be everywhere, and they will guarantee the smooth running of the Pafos2017 events. The Organisation’s certification for their contribution will add to their qualifications.
Team Organiser: Stelios Papageorgiou

6. Community Involvement Programme Teams
Talented and specialised Teams of volunteers will be the framework of the Community Involvement Programme in a wide range of artistic, literary, athletic, educational and social activities. Farmers’ markets, pop-up events, tree planting, painting and street dance, all kinds of art and cultural events, with the prevailing enthusiasm of the youth.
The volunteers of these Teams will set up the youthful, lively part of the programme of Pafos2017. The diversity and multiculturalism of the community involvement programme will offer them many experiences and new skills.