This week at the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 22/5/17 - 28/5/17


Monday 22 May 2017,
Inauguration ?Kennedy Square 18:30

The European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017 and the Cyprus Photographic Society – Pafos Section invite professionals and amateurs from Cyprus and abroad to record images of the urban environment of Cyprus and Europe and to convey it to the public through their own perspective and perception. The photographs will transform an indifferent public space into an artistic reference point, promoting in this way the philosophy of an open-air museum and, by extension, the Open Air Factory of the European Capital of Culture – Pafos2017.
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23 May – 25 June 2017
Monday-Friday 16:00-19:00 / Saturday-Sunday 11:30-18:00  
? Square of the Panayia Evangelistria Chruch in Kathikas Village

Two containers have been transformed into a playground and begin their journey from Kathikas village. Drawing inspiration from the various myths and stories associated with Europe’s dragons, a series of interactive games (for children and adults) combine entertainment and learning, and present common legends from Cyprus, France, Turkey, Denmark and Germany. Besides the presentation of the otherness that shapes the folk heritage and tradition of Europe, the programme seeks to explore the conditions and possibilities for accepting diversity, cultural exchanges and interactions.
The Dragons of Europe will then travel to the villages of Chloraka (June 2017) and Peyia (July 2017).

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Wednesday 24 May
?Town Hall Square 20:30
The music ensemble Officina Zoé appeared in the early 1990’s, together with the revival of Pizzica-Pizzica, the most impressive ancient rhythm and dance in Salento of Southern Italy. It became known from the participation of its members in movies, as well as their soundtracks, which won many awards. The group is considered the main representative of the primeval rhythms and dances Pizzica and Taranta, constantly expanding their repertoire and presenting it worldwide. Participating musicians: Donatello Pisanello (accordion, guitar, mandolin), Lamberto Probo (percussion, vocals), Cinzia Marzo (vocals, flutes, percussion), Giorgio Doveri (violin, mandolin), Silvia Gallone (percussion, vocals), Luigi Panico (guitar, harmonica).

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Due to unexpected flight changes the order of performances has changed as follows: with relevant ticketing information
*1. The group Orchestra Popolare Italiana will perform on Friday 26th May 2017 at 21:00 instead of Saturday 27th May 2017 as originally announced.
**2. The group Fawaz Baker Ensemble will perform on Saturday 27th May 2017 at 20:00 instead of Friday 26th May 2017 as originally announced.

  1. For those who purchased their tickets already they keep same ticket for either day.
  2. In case anyone wishes to cancel its ticket, is kindly requested to contact Soldouttickets at 70007705 or by email at for its refund.


Friday-Saturday-Sunday, 26-27-28 May 2017,
? Kato Vrisi Geroskipou

The influences of traditions and the way with which they are expressed through contemporary music, will come to light through a festive tribute to the musical traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean and the neighbouring countries. Particular attention is paid to the common musical experiences, those that also run through the music of Cyprus and the whole of the Mediterranean, adding to the development of an intercultural dialogue and the building of bridges that underline the common characteristics of the area’s heritage. The project comprises of five concerts from Greece, Italy, Israel and Spain. Curated by Kyriakos Kalaitzides.
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Friday 26 May 2017, 20:00
? Kato Vrisi Geroskipou
A concert by four energetic and highly promising musicians who represent the new generation of Cypriot music production. In this encounter there is a union of the personal ways of approaching music, the influences and idioms that swing between Arab tradition, the Byzantine art of chanting, jazz and Soufi traditions, thus colouring, with sensitivity and musicality, original and traditional compositions which follow one another in complete balance.Participating musicians: Yiannis Koutis (artistic direction, oud, fretless guitar), Alkis Agathokleous (ney), Nicolas Tryfonos (contrabass), Rodos Panagiotou (percussion)

Friday 26 May 2017, 21:00

? Kato Vrisi Geroskipou
The orchestra which consists of musicians and musical instruments typical of Italian folk tradition, offers the public a thrilling evening of singing and dancing, a performance with cantata and dances belonging to several regions of the peninsula, with special emphasis in the tarantellas and Pizziche of Apulia. Ambrogio Sparagna conducts the orchestra, creating an atmosphere of a joyous Italian fiesta. A music festivity, a mixture of fascination and energy that lifts and excites with enthusiasm and cheerfulness.Participating musicians: Ambrogio Sparagna (accordion, vocals), Erasmo Treglia (violin, idiophones), Valentina Ferraiuolo (percussion), Raffaello Simeone (flutes, vocals), Clara Graziano (accordion, dance).

Εισιτήρια: 10€  ( For both Performances )
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Saturday 27 May 2017, 20:00
? Kato Vrisi GeroskipouF

Aleppo has been an emblematic point of reference and a crossroads for musical traditions, idioms and elements from the Byzantium, the Arabs, the Persians, the Armenians and the Ottoman Turks. The musicians of the Fawaz Baker Ensemble, thanks to their talent and knowledge, have managed to stand out in the special cultural environment of Aleppo and to form a repertoire that includes a wide range of compositions from the mystical tradition of the East, in a new, fresher adaptation. During the war, the musicians managed to escape to Europe, where they live today. Participating musicians: Fawaz Baker (oud), Joudi Batri (vocals), Mohamed Samir  (kanun, ney), Sameh Qatalan (violin), Samir Al-Houmsi (toumperleki, vocals) and Muhanad Aljaramani (riq, vocals).

Saturday 27 May 2017, 21:00
? Kato Vrisi Geroskipou
Percussionist and composer Sergio Martinez presents a night of flamenco, inspired by the thousand-year-old Andalusian tradition which combines music and dance. Four of the most significant artists of the genre, join forces in a performance of sensitivity, emotional intensity, mastery, exaltation of passion and extraordinary energy. The musicians combine some of the most ancient elements of Mediterranean music and dance expression with more modern forms of performance and composition.Participating musicians: Paco Cruz (guitar), Niko de los Reyes (dance), Campos Muñoz (vocals), Sergio Martínez (percussion/artistic direction).

 Tickets : 10€ ? – For both Performances 
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Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 21.51.25

Sunday 28 May 20:00
? Kato Vrisi Geroskipou
The history of humanity is a long and painful series of exiles. Nowadays, the multimode condition of exile seems more timely than ever, in its physical, mental and spiritual dimension. Kyriakos Kalaitzides, composer and artistic director of the ensemble “En Chordais” is one of the most important researchers in the area of musical traditions of the Mediterranean. Coming from a family of refugees from the Pontus and Cappadocia, he has dealt with the issue of exile in depth, in an enchanting fusion of eastern and western music, with sensitivity and virtuosity.Participating musicians: Kyriakos Petras (violin), Kyriakos Kalaitzides (oud, vocals), Drosos Koutsokostas (vocals, lute), Alkis Zopoglou (kanun), Petros Papageorgiou (toumberleki, bendir), Kiya Tabassia (setar), Giorgos Kokkinakis (piano), Leonidas Palaskas (sound engineering). With the participation of the Comandaria Orchestra, conducted by Francis Guy.

 Tickets : 10€ ?
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Saturday 27 May 2017,
?Attikon , 19:00 – 22:00

The European Capital of Europe – Pafos2017 inaugurates the Cine-Attikon programme with a series of screenings of short animation films for children and adults from the archive of the International Festival + Agora Animation Animasyros, one of the largest international Animation Festivals, taking place since 2008 in Ermoupolis of Syros. The screening programme, which is organised with the cooperation of the festival Animattikon Project, includes, among others, Claude Baras’ award-winning film “Ma vie en courgette”. As part of the event, there will be a mixed media animation workshop with children of the Rise Correctional Councelling and Prevention Foundation. The outcome of the workshop will be screened during The Animattikon Project in October 2017 at Cine- Attikon.
This activity is part of the Animasyros # tour16_17 and aims to highlight the artistic content of Animasyros, combined with informal educational activities.

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