Tender for Outdoor Banners & Bus Stops

The European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 is seeking for below tenders:

1.Banner 80×1,80H

Banner with rings on the corners

2.Banner @ En Plo / Makariou Avenue / Ibrahim’s Khan

Size: 1.80 x 4.10H

With placement in each place / stitched

3.Banner @ Palia Ilektriki

Size: 1.80 x 4.10H

With pocket (top and down) with 2 rings on one side & 2 rings on the other side

With placement

4.Banner @ Shelley Residence

Size: 230x300H

With placement / stitched

5.Bus Stops in Pegeia

1.Size: 103×350

Material: Self Adhesive sticker / Quantity: 7

With placement

2.Size: 126×300

Material: Self Adhesive sticker / Quantity: 3

With placement

6.Dressing of 5 frames (triangle)

In each frame 3 banners are installed. The banners should be 75cm width and 1,80cm height as well as hooks in the edges so they can be placed on the frame.

With placement

Regarding above tenders please note that it will be an ongoing collaboration with the Pafos2017 Organisation and prices will be valid until the end of the year.

Please send your tenders by Wednesday 24th May 2017, 15:00 at a.anastasiou@pafos2017.eu.

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